Hair Transplant


The market is flooded with thousands of lotions and potions with claims of cure for the hair loss and baldness. FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) USA, perhaps the most trusted body in the world for approval of any medicine, has tested over 250,000 claims of oils, lotions, pills, sprays, moose, gels, solutions, herbs etc. that claimed regrowth or prevention of hair loss. Surprisingly only 2 of them worked. Minoxidil a solution and Finasteride a tablet! There usefulness is mentioned in the table below

Results Minoxidil Finasteride
Hair regrowth 15% 48%
Prevention of Hair Loss 50% 51%
No effect 35% 1%
Total 100% 100%

Downsides of Medicines:

  • Grow hair in only vertex and top area but usually not effective for the front where one needs the hair most
  • Do not grow new hair if the follicles are destroyed in scalp
  • Need daily use
  • Effects are only visible after 3-4 months of continuous use
  • Effective only till it is continued
  • Side effects: In case of Finasteride, 1% cases experience reduced sex drive which is reversible in case of stopping of the medication
  • Minoxidil may have hypersensitivity reaction

Other Medications of promise but still not approved by FDA are Tricomin (Copper Peptide), Dutasteride (Avodart), Saw Palmato (BETA SITOSTEROL), Dong Quoi Complex, Tretinoin, Azalic Acid, cypoterone acetate, aldosterone, flutamide, emu oil, green tea, pumpkin seed oil, radix urticae, Dabao, Aminexil,PNU 150776 etc.

Nutritional Support: Vitamines, Zinc, Copper, Iron Aminoacids are also useful adjuncts.

Caution: Never use the Hormones like Estrogen or Progesterone to treat your Pattern baldness they are dangerous for your body.